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Max Walker-Williams

About Max

Co-Founder of Utopian Lab 


I have dedicated a lot of time looking into different crypto projects and the result of my research, I believe Hedera is the best network to build Utopian Lab’s dApp’s on because of their network performance and fairness, Hedera is a being a carbon-negative organisation and the long-term aspiration I have for Hedera.

I will continue to work hard and have fun, educating people in a sincere desire to see everyone and especially families have the comfort and security that only comes from financial freedom.


I have a spent fifteen years working 105+ hours a week building my group of companies from nothing, over this time, I’ve learned, overcame difficulties, honed my craft and gained extensive experienced.

I am currently building very successful and growing YouTube channel, the content of which is a melting pot of my life, from touring my property investments, developments, and businesses to talking about crypto currencies and days out with my family.

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